Luthier Bio

As with many guitar makers, I entered into lutherie from an intersection of woodworking, music and history interests. Initially self-taught, I completed my first classical guitar in 2015. It was not a great guitar, but it earned me a trial period with world-renowned cello maker, Lawrence Wilke. This became employment, and I built and repaired cellos, violins, violas, and more in his Clinton, Connecticut workshop from 2015 to 2020. I continued to study classical guitar building throughout my time there. I still get to do work for Larry to this day, which I enjoy. 

I opened my own shop in 2020 building guitars full-time. The contrasts between the two disciplines of cello- and guitar-making have helped me gain a broader understanding of what makes - and how to make - an excellent stringed instrument.

I have a passion for guitars from different times and cultures, and have gradually added new models to the Barbi Guitars line, celebrating historically significant guitars including classicals, early Martin steel strings, Irish bouzouki and mandolin.

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