About Barbi Guitars

"I will stand by my words that I think this is one of the best 'old-school' style guitars I have yet played, and I mean this in the best sense of the term, as this is the sound that I fell in love with... The sound is full and rich, with excellent tonal contrast, good volume and excellent clarity in all registers."

                                                                                                                             Mark Davis, guitarist, mandolinist, conductor

The Guitars

My guitars feature my own variations on the designs of the great classical guitars from the past 200 years. Their most noted qualities are excellent sustain, tonal contrast and clarity, and great playability. I have put a lot of focus on developing a comfortable and supportive neck profile, as this is arguably the most intimate part of the instrument for the player. Great care is put into the fretwork and final setup to maximize the responsiveness offered by the individually voiced soundboards and finest tonewoods. My instruments feature Sloane tuners and a painstaking, flawless French polish, done entirely by hand. See the photo gallery for a taste of my design style.

I am based out of my East Haddam, Connecticut shop, where I also offer repair and restoration for all stringed instruments (and possibly more!) I also plan to expand my repertoire by building flamenco guitars. 

My Story

As with many guitar makers, I entered into lutherie as an intersection of my loves of woodworking, music, and history. Initially self-taught via YouTube and books, I completed my first guitar in 2015. It was not a great guitar, but it was a beginning, and it earned me a trial period in a violin shop, building cellos for world-renowned instrument maker Lawrence Wilke. The trial period evolved into employment, and I have been building and repairing cellos, violins, violas, and other instruments in his Clinton, Connecticut workshop since 2015.

While there are many differences between the worlds of cellos and guitars, it is exactly those contrasts in the two disciplines that have helped me gain a broader understanding of what makes - and how to make - an excellent stringed instrument.

My passion for the guitar has only grown since my first, and I have continued to study its history, culture, construction, and design to improve each progressive build. My aim is to embody the culture of the Spanish Guitar in my instruments as I hone and refine my skills as a modern classical guitar maker. 

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